Spies In The Shadows

Project Description

Spies In the shadows is an online learning application detailing the rich history of canadian espionage. The project includes several interactive learning applications and games targeted towards high school students. The project included several teachers lesson plans allowing students from around the world to participate.

Project Details

Client Wendy Donnan
Date 2011
Skills Interactive Flash 3D
View spiesintheshadows.com

Canadian Espionage!

We really tried to keep things as authentic as possible when creating this project. We wanted all the elements to reinforce the project’s theme.
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Programming Bill Sullivan
3D Artists Levi Yates, Bill Sullivan, Vincent Brisebois, Kris Eggleston

  • Autodesk 3D Studio Max 25% 25%
  • Adobe Flash 45% 45%
  • Adobe Photo Shop 20% 20%
  • Javascript / php 10% 10%

Interactive Learning

One of the biggest tasks in this project was to create engaging content that would capture students imaginations. Using the Flash programming environment offered us almost unlimited possibilities to create multiple activities that give an almost hands on ability to learn. From decoding hidden messages with colored lenses to reviewing hidden messages though virtually heating the page to allow the message to become visible. We also created an activity that mimics a morse code tapper where students could listen to message and write them down.
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Creative Display

We love coming up with new and interesting ways to display information. This project offered some very creative environments for us to explore while developing the project. Check out the interactive applets within the teachers lounge and explore some of our more engaging applets! These applets are a mixture of Photoshop,
3D Studio Max, and Flash animation.

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