Morrin / Virtual Library

Project Description

The Morrin Center in Quebec city houses a large volume of historical text in period format. Through a government gart the museum received funding to take a serious number of those periodicals and publish them onto the internet. We parted for the project and working with the staff at the museum we created the virtual library

Project Details

Client Morrin Center
Date 2014
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Creative Display

The virtual Library was a BIG sized project. With almost 10,000 digitized entries the sheer task of digitizing and formating all those books was probably one my larger undertaking. We used the same data for both the interactive flash application as well as the html version and stored all pages as xml files on the server that both the flash and html parsed into their individual display systems.
I was particularly happy with the card catalogue, the pseudo 3d fx worked well and didn’t add much to the file sizes but delivered a little richer of an experience to the end viewer.
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Programming Bill Sullivan
3D Artists Levi Yates, Bill Sullivan, Vincent Brisebois, Kris Eggleston

  • Autodesk 3D Studio Max 40% 40%
  • Adobe Flash 40% 40%
  • Adobe Photo Shop 10% 10%
  • Adobe Illustrator 10% 10%

Screen Capture

Half the project was delivered as an interactive flash and the other HTML, if your browser does not have the flash player this video screen capture of the project will show you the project in a non interactive way.