Robert LePage / Excentris

Project Description

I was contacted by Robert LePage’s team asking me to create an interactive flash web presence for his latest release “Far Side Of The Moon”. It was exciting to meet Mr. Lapage and witness his almost bigger life personality in the flesh. Using elements from the film and creating new elements to create a engaging application where visitors can explore the film and the background storey behind the film and international play.

Project Details

Client Robert LePage
Date 2001
Skills HTML/Flash/3D/Video

Interactive Design

I really wanted to come up with something different for this project. It seemed at the time 99% of web sites fell into a cookie cutter template style of design, I wanted to come up with something more engaging and this project game me such a platform to explore some new possibilities. Using some 3D assets with nonlinear animation scripts I was able to create a feeling of being weightlessness out in space.

  • Adobe Flash 60% 60%
  • Autodesk 3D Studio Max 15% 15%
  • Adobe Photo Shop 15% 15%
  • Javascript / php 10% 10%