Gen Horizon

Project Description

Gen Horizon is a wave harvesting company that has invented a device that turns surface displacement of large bodies of water and oceans into electricity. The project is still in the R&D phase of development building prototypes to see if they are efficient enough to compete against existing technologies.

Project Details

Client GenHorizon
Date 2009
Skills 3D

3D Rendered Videos

The GenHorizon project required several 3D rendered videos to help communicate the simplicity of the invention to potential partners and investors. I used 3D Studio Max to both build the models and render them with realistic textures and realistic environment setting. I used a third party plug in to simulate realistic ocean waves and another plugin to attach the buoy to the surface and realistically tilt from side to side based on the attached wave mesh. For the third video I used the Havok plugin to simulate the inner cores moving as the device tilts.

  • Adobe Photo Shop 30% 30%
  • Adobe Illustrator 10% 10%
  • 3D Studio max 60% 60%

Patent Figures

Every patent needs figures… go figure? I created these figures using 3D studio Max using the cartoon material and set the shadow shad to white. Patent figures can not include shading, but can include 3 dimensional aspect.

  • 3D Studio max 100% 100%

Corporate Identity

Letter Head

This project required the design of official letterhead, incorporating elements of the device and maintaining a professional look and feel.

Business Cards

I designed these business card with full color front and back in order to use some of the 3D rendered images to their fullest potential and communicate the company branding. Using extra thick card stock and lamination finish helped give the cards a strong and professional look and feel.