Morrin / A La Carte

Project Description

Partnering with the The Morrin Center in Quebec city we created a historical mapping project showing the history of english speaking community throughout the history of quebec. The project incorps multiple historic maps incorporated into google Map API. Two high schools graduating classes where also involved with video taping relatives with oral history of different locations.

Project Details

Client Morrin Center
Date 2014

A La Carte

This project was one of my first non flash interactive projects of considerable scale. I relied on the Google maps API to incorporate multiple large scale historical maps overlaid on top the google maps. This allowed users the ability to zoom into different sections of Quebec City and see how the city changed over time using an opacity slider to see changes. By clicking on different colored themed pins on the map visitors could explore deeper into stories and historical information about htat locations. We also worked with two high school classes that filmed neighbours and relatives telling stories about different locations to become a rich oral history project. H
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Programming Bill Sullivan
3D Artists Levi Yates, Bill Sullivan, Vincent Brisebois, Kris Eggleston

  • Autodesk 3D Studio Max 40% 40%
  • Adobe Flash 40% 40%
  • Adobe Photo Shop 10% 10%
  • Adobe Illustrator 10% 10%

Oral History

Students from two high schools in Quebec city participated in the project videoing family and neighbours telling personal stories about different locations in the city. This aspect of the project really helped make both unique and more informative.

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