Pushy Pushy

Project Description

I love making games as much as I love playing them. I had the concept for this game for a while and finally had the necessary skills to take it on. I took a month of evenings during the coldest months of the winter and took the concept through development to a finalized game. The game is both difficult and rewarding. As the levels increase so does the difficulty, you go from just having to keep all the balls within the targets to having separate the balls by color.

Project Details

Client Personal Project
Date 2013
Skills Flash/Photoshop
View http://www.pakobrats.com/pushypushy/

Interactive Design

Using your mouse corall the vibrating balls onto the targets, once all the balls are safely in the target you’ll be rewarded and the sooner you finish the more points you’ll receive. As you progress you’ll have multiple colored targets that you’ll need to separate the vibrating balls onto their similar colored targets. One thing to keep in mind don’t get too pushy, if your mouse gets too close to the vibrating ball it will reduce the amount of push you have on it….


Programming Bill Sullivan
Illustrations Jill Halliday
Photoshop Bill Sullivan

  • Adobe Flash 60% 60%
  • Autodesk 3D Studio Max 15% 15%
  • Adobe Photo Shop 15% 15%
  • Javascript / php 10% 10%