Virtual Archives / Archives Virtuelles

Project Description

Archives Virtual is an archiving system I build for Marie Gregoire working with the NRC to create an online application to archive and display historical documents and artifacts through a series of custom build applets. Historians can upload digitized artifacts into a accompanying CMS, artifacts can be transcribed translated and presented in both official languages. The system can also handle photographed artifacts and that can contain hotspots to show additional information. This project was funded by the government of canada.

Project Details

Client NRC / CNRC
Date 2008-2015
Skills PHP, Java, Flash, mySQL

Translate, Transcribe

The projects main objective was to give historians a system in which they can upload documents, translate each document into English and french from their original latin. Documents can then be transcribed word by word or by phrases from latin to help give a better understanding what the author was communicating.
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  • HTML / CSS 25% 25%
  • PHP / Javascrip 25% 25%
  • MySQL 30% 30%
  • Flash 20% 20%

Artifact Display

I created a set of custom interactive viewing tools for this project so historians can review and inspect historical artifacts with extreme clarity. Using a tile method of image slicing I was able to include oversized scans delivered at resolution for just the viewport area, this greatly reduced download times and increased response time of the applet.
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  • Flash 25% 25%
  • PHP / Javascrip 30% 30%
  • MySQL 20% 20%
  • HTML / CSS 25% 25%