Heritage Canada Poster Challenge

Project Description

Each year Canadian Heritage hosts a poster competition for students across Canada. Students are asked to create their artistic version of what feel is truly to be canadian. It;s a wonderful competition of artistic expression and thousands of youth from across the country submit their entries with the hops of winning.

Project Details

Client Heritage Canada
Date 2013
Skills Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator

Canada Day Challenge

When approached by Heritage Canada to create some printed materials to accompany their competition we discuss the many different directions we could take, after several discussions we settled on a “student binder” look and feel with different stickers and hand drawn elements. This eclectic graphic design worked well and students found the material engaging and visually stimulating.

  • Autodesk 3D Studio Max 25% 25%
  • Adobe Photo Shop 50% 50%
  • Adobe Illustrator 25% 25%

Mailout POstcard

Part of the project involved a mail out post card sent to schools across the country inviting them to participate in the great poster challenge. We incorporated elements from the booklet.

3 Fold Flyer

Another deliverable created a three fold full color pamphlet that was used in the communications of the competition, the pamphlet was create in both official languages.